As with trying to learn any new skill, the foundations of success are built upon practices, routine and discipline.

To start boxing then, I’m going to keep my initial routine simple and within reach.

If I’m unrealistic, I’ll become disheartened quickly and quit before I’ve really got started.

To begin with then, I’m going to practice three times a week. This will consist of two sessions boxing at the gym and one run.

I’ll be training at Tigers Gym in Meanwood, just outside of Leeds.

Here’s my schedule:


Boxing Circuit Training

This session is designed for my overall body conditioning and cardio fitness.

The training incorporates exercises on the mat, inter mixed with training on bags, balls and finally finishing with quality focus padwork.


Amateur Boxing Training

This session will work on my actual strength and punching, mainly through padwork. Hopefully, I’ll build up to some sparring eventually, but this might not be for a while!



The last component of my routine will be running. I know everything else in my routine hinges around fitness, so running will be important. (As well as getting me some fresh air.)

I’m going to log how far and how quickly I’m running to make sure I’m pushing myself and seeing some improvement.


That’s my routine now. Chances are I’ll tweak it as time goes by and I want to diversify my programme and add more to it. Until then, this is what I’ll stick to.