Yesterday was the first Saturday morning run of the new routine.

Needless to say, there were a few hiccups before we got going. Of course, we picked the coldest day of the  year to start, meaning we were venturing out in minus temperatures and in light snowfall.

I also managed to forget my trainers and my work shoes weren’t really suitable, especially given the conditions. (See below.)

We didn’t let this stop us though and I managed to pick up a substitute pair from ‘Shoezone’ in Meanwood, for only £4.00. Not the coolest trainers I’ve ever seen but still, they did the job.

In terms of the run itself, there was a lot of stopping and starting and it lacked structure in terms of where and how long we were running for.

Still, we got out there, got our heart rates up and worked up a bit of a sweat.

Next week, I’m going to try out Nike’s iPhone app and set goals and some structure to the exercise. Hopefully then I can work towards improvement.