“It’s more fun fighting your way up the hill than it is standing on the top and defending it.”

Out of all the fighters, promoters and other characters who’ve existed in-and-around the Fight Game since it’s emergence, Jack Dempsey is probably my favourite.

The reason I like Jack Dempsey most is not simply because of his sheer ferociousness in the ring.

There are a lot of inspiring stories of boxers coming up the hard way and the ‘nothing to everything’ tale is now almost beyond cliché.

For me, Dempsey’s story captures the imagination most.

In Dempsey’s early career, he was a hobo.

He would cling underneath trains (‘ridin the rods’) to get from city to city and from fight to fight.

The night before he fought John Lester Johnson, he slept in Central Park.

True or not, the idea of Dempsey looking up at the stars in Central Park and dreaming of being heavyweight champion is a nice image, especially considering how far he came.


Aside from thinking a lot about Jack Dempsey, tonight was circuit training.

I tried to focus on throwing punches from and bringing them back to the guard tonight, as opposed to looking for just speed and power.

 It took a bit longer before I began to feel physically exhausted tonight, which is hopefully a sign I’m getting fitter (or that I’m not working hard enough).

Either way, looking forward to getting back on the pads on Thursday.

In the meantime, here’s Dempsey destroying Jess Willard to become the heavyweight champion.