I’m up in Aberdeen at the moment, which is the (second) most northern city in the UK and a cool six hours on the train from Leeds:

I didn’t want to let this disrupt my training schedule, so I made sure I packed my running gear.

(Although I did have to borrow a pair of my girlfriend’s dad’s shorts.)

I also figured I’d take advantage of being on the coast and go all Rocky 3 by taking my training to the beach.

Running on the actual sand itself proved too much hard work and I was getting no where fast, so we had to retreat onto the path that ran by its side.

Lisa Creech gave me some good advice about structuring my running/cardio sessions so they’re more in-tune with the work I’m doing on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

Instead of just setting off and seeing how far and how fast I can run for, I’m now running in three minute bursts with 30 second rest periods. (This, of course, reflects the structure of a boxing match and my boxing training.)

I found it a lot easier to push myself inside a set structure and the training felt 100x better than last Saturday’s aimless (but fun) run.

This was also helped by using the Boxing Timer iPhone app. This easy-to-use app let me carry on training to my favourite music and discipline my work to the timings I’d set.

That’s it for this week anyway. Back to my normal Leeds surroundings for circuit training at Tiger’s on Tuesday.

Hoping to actually pick up a pair of beginner pad gloves this week so any recommendations and advice would be much appreciated!