Just finished my Thursday night pads session and I’m looking forward to my gloves arriving now more than ever.

I’ve been borrowing the light gym gloves without wraps up until now and it’s really been taking it’s toll on my wrists and fingers.

Sometimes it hurts so much I struggle to  push myself up out of the bath after the session and, if I have bruised something, I’m not really giving it sufficient time to recover.

Anyway, I ordered a pair of gloves this week which hopefully will arrive next week. Hopefully they’ll offer a bit more support and padding to my brittle bones and tender muscles.

I wasn’t too bothered about what pair I bought, except that I wanted them to be leather, so they last. Ended up going with these Adidas ones, so I’ll report how I get on with them.

More importantly though…

The session itself:

I felt like I could have gone another half an hour tonight which, of course, is a good sign.

My technique is definitely improving and I can feel a bit more power in my punches. That said, my guard does slip so sometimes I guess I need to just slow down.

I’m itching to get back in the gym on Tuesday but, until then, I will have to make do with my cardio work on Saturday.

Either way, I think my hand’s have got a long before they’ll start to compare to Evander Holyfield’s…

Box - Holger Keifel