Reluctantly, I’ve had to take the last week and a half off training because of a knee injury which has progressively got worse.

I hurt my left knee about 4 weeks ago but, as it was only a niggle, I buried my head in the sand and carried on training.

Each week it felt okay to train on but felt stiffer and stiffer after and began to cause me quite a lot of pain.

Last week I bit the bullet and went to the physio who gave it a thorough rub and a full stretch out.

It’s still a bit sore but is okay now okay to train lightly on.

Sunday morning runs

That means I’ve able to go out on my usual weekend jogs, although I’ve been refraining from going hell for leather.

Weather-wise, this weekend was the perfect time to get back in the habit as well…

I also did some light pad work at Tigers on Thursday night. I was worried about feeling rusty, but it wasn’t too bad.

At the moment though, it feels like there is so much to thing about in terms of technique, that as I hone down on one element, I neglect other parts of it.

I suppose this is normal though and it takes time to internalise technique and programme your body so it becomes second nature.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to really focus on pivoting as I hook and cross.

I’m still planning on getting some video footage soon, it’s just getting in the right situation to film it…