First off an explanation as to why it’s been so long since my last post.

It’s been a busy six weeks, I went to Berlin for a bit and then Imoved flats, which left me without internet access for a few weeks.

I’ve let-up on the blogging, but, thank god, not on the training. Even in Berlin, I still managed to get out and run, which was pretty nice.

I went for a jog around Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg and, although I kept stopping to check I wasn’t lost, I completed my 10 rounds and scaled these steps:

It wasn’t all work and training though, I managed to squeeze a bit of record shopping in as well… 🙂

I’ve been keeping up my two sessions a week at Tigers as well. I’m coming up to the four month mark now, since I started. It feels like a lot longer to be honest.

I’m still exhausted after every session but I feel more powerful than ever. Whereas two months ago I’d lose a lot of power after 30 minutes, now I can sustain it a lot longer.

I know I keep saying it but I’m going to get some videos up on here soon, it’s just finding the right time to film it…

Other than that I’m making a feel conscious effort with nutrition at the moment. I’m going to blog about that in more detail next week though.