One of the best things about boxing is that, similar to football, it requires very little in terms of equipment.

That said, once you start training more, you can’t avoid having to buy things like gloves, wraps, boots, etc.

Here’s what I’m using at the moment and what I think of it. Will try to keep this updated as a buy new stuff.

(If you’re thinking of buying any of this and want my thoughts, or want to recommend something, please feel free to get in touch.)


I ummed and ahhed for a while with gloves. Obviously, you want a pair that are going to last a while and to be honest, you want them to look cool as well.

It’s kinda like buying a £5,000 Les Paul when you’ve only had a few a few guitar lessons. You won’t appreciate why it costs that much and you’ll look a bit foolish.

I eventually settled on black and white Adidas ClimaCool Performer Boxing Gloves.

They were £42.00, which was towards the upper-end of what I was prepared to spend.

They were leather though, which I was keen on as it tends to mean they last longer.

The logic was I’ll spend a bit more now and hopefully get a good two years out of them.

Whatever gloves you buy, don’t worry if your hands feel sore after the first few sessions wearing them.

My hands ached after wearing these, but it was just a case of wearing them in and giving them a bit of flex.


It took me a while to buy boots, as it did proper running shoes. I was just wearing a pair of old pumps and my legs felt terrible after training (especially my knees).

Proper boots and running trainers have stopped this because they offer better support around the ankle and cushion when running.

Boots designed specifically for boxing actually aren’t as expensive as you think. You can pick up a nice training pair for between £25-£40.

Again, I wasn’t too fussy here as I’m not really good enough to tell the difference between the cheap and expensive options.

I went for a pair of Lonsdale ones which were £29.99 from Sports Direct. They are really comfortable and it is nice to have the extra ankle support when you’re training.

Hand Wraps

Wraps are important, no matter what level of boxing you work at. I trained without them for a while and came pretty close to sustaining injury.

I have two pairs of  hand wraps: ones made by Adidas and ones made by Lonsdale. They are pretty much the same length, but the Lonsdale ones are much wider.

I prefer the wider hand wraps. They feel tighter around my hands and feel like they give more support.


This was the last bit of gear I bought as I didn’t actually need it until
I decided to spa.

You won’t be able to spa without a mouth-guard, so it’s pretty important you pick one up if you want to step in the ring.

I went with the Shock Doctor v1.5 gum shield which was £4.49 from Sports Direct.

As gum shields go, it’s pretty comfortable. (As I write this though, I’ve only actually used it twice.)

Moulding it was easy. I’m not really in a position to wax about the science behind the design, all I know is it’s quite comfortable and my teeth feel safe behind it.

Skipping Rope

The final bit of equipment to list here is my skipping rope. Given how important skipping is, its important to get the right rope.

I’m actually on my second rope. I first one was this by Everlast. I thought it would be good for boxing, given the brand. In fact, it was useless and snapped at both handles after about three weeks. If you’re buying a rope, stay clear of this.

I’m now using one by Gold’s Gym. Hopefully I’ll get a bit more usage out of it than the first one.

Creative Commons image by ax2groin on Flikr